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Sie brauchen neue Impulse und Inspiration, um sich weiterzuentwickeln? Dann ist es Zeit für ein Echtzeit-Abenteuer: Schließen Sie sich den Gastgebern von The Grow Zone an – Sarah Hübner, die Improverin und Kommunikationsabenteurerin, und Ceri Temple, die Outdoor-Abenteurerin.

Tauchen Sie ein in die Erfahrungen unserer Mini-Exkursionen in den Bereichen Kommunikation, Spiel, Risikobereitschaft, interkulturelles Verständnis, Resilienz und vielem mehr. Jede Folge ist dicht gepackt mit philosophischen Gesprächen, praxisnahen (Methodik-)Tipps, unterhaltsamen Spielen und einer guten Prise Humor.

»Echte Veränderung, langanhaltende Veränderung passiert Schritt für Schritt«

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Podcast Team

Ceri Temple

Die in Frankreich geborene Britin mit doppelter Staatsbürgerschaft (Deutsch und Britisch) in den bayerischen Voralpen hat ihr Leben und ihre Karriere auf ihre Leidenschaft für die Natur und ihre Rolle für das Wohlbefinden aufgebaut.

Ceri arbeitete seit 2002 in den Bereichen Bildung, Outdoor-Abenteuer und Tourismus und gründete 2012 ihr eigenes Unternehmen 4elements mit dem Ziel, andere zu inspirieren, indem sie sich auf Abenteuerreisen in die Natur und in ihrer direkten Umgebung gehen. In diesem Austausch entwickeln Teilnehmer mehr Selbstbewusstsein indem sie lernen mit Herausforderungen umzugehen und über sich selbst hinauszuwachsen. Ceri ist zertifizierte Lehrerin, Outdoor-Pädagogin, Skilehrerin und Wanderführerin.

Sarah Hübner

Sarah wuchs in einem deutsch-britischen Haushalt am Stadtrand von München auf. Sie ist Schauspielerin, Lehrerin, Kommunikationstrainerin für Team-Buildung und konzipiert Online-Feiern.

Neugierig auf die Vielfalt der Welt, hat sie mehrmals neue Gefilde aufgesucht und in Großbritannien, in den USA, in verschiedenen Teilen Deutschlands und in China gearbeitet und gelebt. Die treibenden Kräfte für diese Unternehmungen waren und sind ihre Leidenschaft für Theater und Lernen, und insbesondere dafür, Menschen zu motivieren. Nachdem sie 13 Jahre lang in internationalen Schulen gearbeitet hatte, gründete sie ihr eigenes Unternehmen als Trainerin und Organisatorin von Online-Veranstaltungen. Ihre spielerischen, interaktiven und handlungsorientierten Ereignisse unterstützen Menschen dabei, achtsamer, freudiger und kreativer mit sich selbst und anderen zu kommunizieren.

Podcast Folgen

Podcast #29: Chaos – Crisis or Opportunity?

What does chaos mean to you? When do you experience chaos? Is it a crisis or an opportunity or both?

In this episode, we discuss the varied perspectives on the topic of chaos and explore different examples, as we try to make sense of chaos. We consider how it can be an opportunity for growth and development and what we can do to hone our skills to successfully navigate times of chaos.

Podcast #28: Finding Flow

What does FLOW mean to you? When do you experience FLOW? How does it help you?

Welcome to our fourth series of the Grow Zone. In this series, Sarah and Ceri return to the challenges and rewards of our real time adventures. We head straight into the zone investigating the topic of flow and explore what it means to us, others and its benefits. Listen in, as the conversation flows around this inspiring topic.

Podcast #27: Leadership (Re)Treats – Breathing Fresh Air and Energy into Business

In our final episode of our third series, we take you on a journey into our brand new collaboration. Combining our skill-set and experience, we are taking leadership teams on a real time adventure getaway. Listen in to find out what and where this adventure is, and how it will benefit you and your team.

Podcast #26: Empowering Schools through Theatre with Sarah

„Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.“ – Aristotles
It is not just Ceri who goes on real time adventures with schools. Sarah takes us backstage into her work by sharing techniques and talking about the impact this work can have across school communities. Using applied improvisation and applied theatre strategies Sarah is passionate about fostering creativity, empathy and growth to build greater communication and learning experiences.

Podcast #25: Learning Outside the Classroom with Ceri

“No one will protect what they don’t care about and no one will care about what they’ve never experienced”- David Attenborough
From the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award to geography field trips and class retreats, Ceri coordinates, designs and leads a range of outdoor education programmes in Germany and Austria. She also provides training for teachers who lead outdoor education activities in Germany. Ceri discusses the benefits of these programmes, the challenges setting them up in an international setting and the sense of accomplishment that they bring.

Podcast #24: Dynamic Team Building Events with Sarah

Sarah, the communications adventurer, is a skilled facilitator combining a multitude of techniques, platforms and methods to create exciting and innovative ways to create connection, nurture trust and develop all manner of team growth, communication skills and more. In this conversation we explore how she creates these unique events, the differences between online and offline, as well as how she keeps them inclusive and engages all involved. 

Podcast #23: Hiking Across the Alps with Ceri

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to hike across the Alps? Where do you start? What do you need to take into consideration? What do you need to pack. In this episode Sarah and Ceri discuss the joy of Transalp hiking and Ceri, hiking guide and adventure organiser, takes you step by step through organising these inspiring journeys by foot.

Podcast #22: Online Celebrations with Sarah

Covid has not only transformed the way we work, but the way we also connect socially through technology. It has opened up ways to bring people together across the world both professionally and privately. Sarah, the Communications adventurer is at the forefront of these changes, and alongside her in-person events, designs innovative, fun and entertaining online celebrations – from birthday parties and anniversaries to Christmas and farewell parties. Sarah discusses the advantages of such gatherings and the elements that make a successful and special online celebration.

Podcast #21: Packing for Hiking

Welcome to Series 3! In this series, Sarah and Ceri will be opening their toolkit and giving you an insight into their realtime adventures. They share tools to help you to go on similar adventures. In our first episode of the series, Ceri, the Outdoor Adventurer and mountain hiking guide, reveals her top tips for packing for day hiking in the Bavarian Alps.

Podcast #20: Patti Stiles On The Delicious Package of Improvisational Theatre

“Happiness, imagination, creativity, connection,  friendship, art, stories, heart, magic- so much what I love about humanity and so much that I love about theatre, all put into one delicious package with a bowl of play” is how Patti Stiles describes improvisational theatre.

Podcast #19: Nora Suarez On Curiosity, Compassion and Play

Nora Suarez is Mexican American and moved from Seattle to Germany in 2020 with her partner. Nora is an Interdisciplinary Visual Artist currently focusing on how Colonialism influenced the loss of her mother tongue and how this impacts identity.

Podcast #18: Bárbara Santos On Theatre Of The Oppressed

We are all connected. This is globalisation. We need to have a more contextual approach. Even when we make a little play, we cannot talk about the individual topic without thinking about which kind of society this individual is living in.

Podcast #17: Taking Stock

A year into our podcast we decided to take a break in our current series to explore the topic of taking stock. In this episode we explore the value of reflection, experimenting in real-time with tools to process and review experiences. As we travel back along the last year’s journey, we invite you to try out these tools yourself. What would your museum look like? What would you give the thumbs up or middle finger to?

Podcast #16: The Spirit of Adventure with John Garteiz

Alaskan-Californian John Garteiz discovered his passion for travel and adventure after university. He discusses how it brought him outside of his comfort zone- from cultural encounters that broadened his mindset to an appreciation of the world around us. At times a lone adventurer, pursuing challenges out of the ordinary, John is also a real people person. He shares tales from his experiences of connection and communication adventures in diverse environments. Now in his 70s, he also let’s us into how he maintains his fitness and positive life outlook.

Podcast #15: Damilola Apotieri-Abdulai On Transforming Lives With The Power Of Theatre

Whatever you want to be Playback Theatre gives you that skill … Dare to be human” Our third guest, Oluwadamilola Apotieri-Abdulai, joins us from another country and continent: Nigeria in Westafrica. Damilola is Nigeria’s first Applied Drama and Playback Theatre practitioner. In our conversation…

Podcast #14: Language Learning And Travel Adventures With Bronwyn Clinton

In this episode with Irish group travel business owner and entrepreneur Bronwyn Clinton we delve into real time adventures in language learning, communication between different cultures and the power of human connection for well-being and personal growth. Bronwyn shares her adventure story, skills for resilience and courage in various areas of life and teaches Sarah and Ceri some Irish. A wonderful blast of positive energy from across the Irish Sea.

Podcast #13: Real Time Adventures In Music With Lukas Maier

A new series of the Grow Zone calls for new adventures. In this series we talk with other Real Time Adventurers from all “Walks” of life.

Meet our first guest, Lukas Maier, Composer, Song writer, Musician and Improviser. Lukas takes us on a journey into his world of music – sharing his passion for real time adventures on and off stage, as well as sources of inspiration, strength and creativity- interspersed with some improvised tunes. What a joy of an episode this was to record- we hope that you enjoy it as much as we did!

Podcast #12: Resilience

In the final episode of the first series of The Grow Zone, Sarah and Ceri adventure into the topic of resilience: what it means, where they have experienced it and what they know about training and building resilience to navigate life’s tightrope – as well as building resilient societies and environments. A rich topic that will certainly be revisited in the future!

Podcast #11: Cycles

From our annual journey around the sun to story-telling and the process of adventure, so many aspects of our life seem to follow a cycle of sorts. Sarah and Ceri discuss the highs and lows of cycles, different cultural interpretations of cycles and how we can embrace the energy within a cycle for positive growth or development.

Podcast #10: Making choices

Facing choices, making choices and going “all in”- the stress and energy around decision-making. How can we embrace choice and move forward positively with a decision?

Podcast #9: Physicality

In this episode we explore the nature of physical movement and how it informs and impacts so many different aspects of day-to-day living, as well as performance- whether on a stage or mountain slope. How can an understanding of our bodies and awareness support us in different situations?

Podcast #8: Pause and silence

Naturally, here we are not silent but we are big fans of pauses and silences. We discuss the different forms of pause and silence, how it can play different roles in our lives, encounters and communications. How comfortable are you with pause and silence?
How do you use pause and silence in your everyday life?

Podcast #7: Play

Sarah describes her work as “play” and Ceri describes the outdoors as her “playground”, but how does play work in these different environments and why is play important to us? Come play with us in the episode as we throw around our different ideas and examples of bringing more play into everyday life.

Podcast #6: Step by Step

Ceri has just returned from guiding a group across the Alps- a journey of many thousands of steps and leading us to discuss the process of making and executing plans- whether its a hike across the Alps, an improv scene or completing a project.
We talk about adaptability, focus and being in the moment.

Podcast #5: Real Time Adventures

Following on from our previous episode discussing the first part of our podcast title “The Grow Zone”, we explore the second part of its title “Real Time Adventures”. What is Real Time? And why adventures?

Podcast #4: The Grow Zone

In this episode we dissect the title of our podcast and start with the first part “The Grow Zone”. We discuss what the topic of growth, what it means to us and why it is so important in the work we do.

Podcast #3: Dealing with change

Well the introductions are over, it‘s time to start our conversations in the Grow Zone. We are in the midst of the first Covid-19 wave and lockdown and it seems appropriate to talk about the subject of change. As communications and outdoors adventurers “change” is something we deal with on a regular basis, but what does it really mean and how can we adapt and embrace change?

Podcast #2: Meet Sarah

Welcome to our second episode of The Grow Zone! In this episode we get to know podcast host Sarah Hübner, the Communications Adventurer. We delve into her journey into drama, the role of theatre in her personal and professional life and how she applies these experiences and techniques to bring connection, joy and confidence in her life and the different settings within which she works.

Podcast #1: Meet Ceri

Welcome to our first episode of The Grow Zone! In this episode we get to know podcast host Ceri Temple, the Outdoor Adventurer: her background, career path, her journey to self-employment and pursuing her passion for the great outdoors.

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